Gerard Dawson

EdTech Copywriter

I help education companies reach more decision makers by improving their sales and marketing materials.

"Gerard just gets it. It’s super easy to work with him and he’s super efficient. His creative copywriting skills are refreshing. As a CEO, a talent like Gerard makes my job easier."
- Udit Agarwal, CEO & Founder, NextWaveSTEM

Fix your messaging fast

Copywriting Consult

In 60 minutes, I can help you make real changes to your sales and marketing materials on the spot. This is not a paid discovery call - we'll get real work done.Fee: $150

"Gerard helped Maplewoodshop revamp its messaging to schools via a one day session. The project was complex but Gerard did his homework and came not only ready but loaded with valuable insights and recommendations that went beyond just copywriting.This guy knows his market and can save you a lot of time and expense when marketing to k-12 schools."- Mike Shloff, CEO & Founder, Maplewoodshop

Get ongoing support

A Trusted Messaging Advisor

Ever write copy and ask, "does this sound right to a principal/teacher/parent?" Send me your latest asset, and in 2 business days or less I'll improve the copy to reach your goals. Available on a monthly or quarterly basis.Fee: 900/month or 2100/quarter

"Gerard helped Outschool level up our content strategy for 3+ years. From managing our blog content to producing performance-focused copy, he used qualitative and quantitative data to inform every creative decision. I am grateful to have Gerard on our team during our rapid growth!"
- Bianca Bianchi Saven, Product Marketing Lead, Outschool

Meet your needs

Custom Project

I'll help you create or re-write your website, ads, or emails so they better resonate with education decision makers.Fee: Starting at 1500

"Gerard helped me update and re-define the boring, out of date copy on my website, replacing it with clear, concise copy designed to motivate action!He has insights and understanding that only someone with authentic experience can provide.If you need compelling copy targeted toward the education market, Gerard is a great resource!"
- John Sowash, Founder of

Why Work with Gerard Dawson?

EdTech Copywriter | Marketer | 10-year Teacher

I've worked with the fastest-growing EdTech companies to help them improve their messaging and produce better content to reach their business goals. Don't hire a generalist contractor or agency who doesn't understand education. Do it right the first time.

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