Gerard Dawson

EdTech Copywriter

I help education companies reach more decision makers by improving their sales and marketing materials.

Fix your messaging fast

Copywriting Consult

In 60 minutes, I can help you make real changes to your sales and marketing materials on the spot. This is not a paid discovery call - we'll get real work done.Fee: $150

Get ongoing support

A Trusted Messaging Advisor

Ever write copy and ask, "does this sound right to a principal/teacher/parent?" Send me your latest asset, and in 2 business days or less I'll improve the copy to reach your goals. Available on a monthly or quarterly basis.Fee: 900/month or 2100/quarter

Meet your needs

Custom Project

I'll help you create or re-write your website, ads, or emails so they better resonate with education decision makers.Fee: Starting at 1500

Why Work with Gerard Dawson?

EdTech Copywriter | Marketer | 10-year Teacher

I've worked with the fastest-growing EdTech companies to help them improve their messaging and produce better content to reach their business goals. Don't hire a generalist contractor or agency who doesn't understand education. Do it right the first time.

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